2002 Northern California Buck Book

The 2001 Buck Book was such a great success with 67 bucks representing 8 breeds on 52 pages, that we have decided to put together a 2002 Buck Book.   If you would like to participate in the book, then please submit the information to Megan by the August 31, 2002 Deadline.

NEW!  Use our new form to submit your 2002 Buck Book Entry ONLINE.


    The Buck Book is open to all goat breeders within Northern and Central California who wish to offer breeding services during the 2002 breeding season. We will also be featuring a page for semen sales.

    This years Northern California Buck Book will be designed in a Book-Fold Format (similar to popular semen catalogs).  Each buck will have his own page in the designated breed section (Half page options are available- see information below).  The page is approximately 4.5 x 7.5 inches and will be published in a format selected by the editor (see format below).

    Complete~ This option will feature a full page for each buck and will contain the bucks name, extended pedigree, DOB, color, appraisal scores, terms & conditions, short paragraph from owner (bucks description, improvements made to offspring, show placings, etc.) breeding fee, semen price, owner & contact information and one (1) photo.
    ~ $10 for the first buck, $8 for the 2nd through the 6th buck & $7 for each additional buck.

    Complete Plus~ Same as the Complete Option, except a total of two (2) photos are included.
    ~ Add an extra $2 to the Complete fee. (covers the scan of the 2nd photo)

    Basic~ This option will be printed on a half page (approx. 4.5 x 3.75 inches) and will include the same information about the buck as in the Complete option, but no photos will be used.
    ~ $6 for the first buck, $5 for each additional buck.

    Additional Services~ If you only want the include the bucks extended pedigree and breeding fee, then 4-5 bucks can be listed on a full page, at a cost of $10 per page.

Deadline:     All entries must be received by Saturday, August 31, 2002.  The books will be ready for distribution the first week of September.

Please Include:
    When submitting an entry for the Buck Book, please include a copy of the bucks registration papers and any other information that is listed under the Complete Option that you want to include.  If you choose to feature a picture, please give the full registered name of the animal(s) in the photo and their relation to the buck.

Send Entries To:
    Megan Tredway, 8966 Soda Bay Rd., Kelseyville, CA 95451.  If you have any questions, I can be reached at -(707)277-7067  OR  mktdesigns@yahoo.com


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